Audited Token Generator Platform

2 min readAug 11, 2021

Solid Group now provides all-in once ICO solution. With our new audited token generator platform, and our bot protection tool everyone can run their own ICO and tokenized their ideas with just a few clicks.

Audited Token Generator Platform

We democratize ICOs by giving everyone the privilege to create their own token. In addition, by creating your token using our platform, you will also receive a Solid Group audit certification to ensure your investors’ trust and keep them informed right from the start. Our experienced team has developed the perfect tool for you to create your own secure, reliable and customizable token that also supports complex protocols with just a few clicks.

More token templates will be added in the upcoming weeks.

  • Bug fixed Safemoon contract
  • Staking Contract
  • Framing Contract
  • Charity Support

Bot Protection Service

We offer a bot protection tool that mitigates any bot activity. Our product secures your liquidity listing by taking proactive measures against unwelcome threats and provides your investors an unbiased environment.

Our bot protection service was battled tested and integrated with some of the latest IDOs, and has had a 100% success rate so far!

About Solid Group

Solid Group is a blockchain consulting and auditing service provider, founded by 3 cybersecurity experts with a passion for thinking out of the box, learning, and sharing knowledge. Every project goes through a meticulous process and is viewed by at least two partners, thereby achieving a high level of credibility and professionalism. Our group is partnered with multiple organizations and launchpads that have a combined market cap of over 400 million USD.

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We are a group 3 software developers with combined experience of over 15years in various fields such as Software design, Operating systems, and solidity.