Free Audit Report Community Event!

Free audit of the week Program!

Solid Group was founded as a community-driven company, and we want to thank our community for being so supportive! To show our appreciation Solid Group is now launching a free audit report program.
The community will vote on which projects they would like us to audit for free this week!

⚠️⛔ only solid group Telegram members and Followers will be eligible to vote!


🔵 On Saturday, 3️⃣PM UTC we will release a medium article with all applicants

🔵 On Saturday, 3:30 PM UTC the competition will begin, you will have 24 hours to vote!

🔵 On Sunday, 3:30 PM UTC the competition will be closed

🔵 On Sunday 7PM UTC we will announce the winners.

We will choose randomly 1️⃣🥇 winner among all participant 🍾
Total reward pool: 250💲

The competition will take place in our:

👉Telegram community group:

👉Twitter account:

BNB Diamond

BNB Diamond is on a mission to empower people with financial freedom. We want to make it easier for people around the world to access crypto assets and use them in their everyday lives.

Take your chance and prepare for the greatest adventure of our lifetimes!

Contract | TG group |🌏 Website |


Samari is a deflationary, community-powered charitable organization. This is accomplished by charging a 10% tax on all transactions, from which 3% are redistributed to existing holders, 2% is added to the charity wallet, 1% to the marketing wallet and 5% to the liquidity pool, creating price support and stability.

What is the utility of $SAMA? Philanthropy is for the public good, focusing on quality of life. We — the community — wish to make a difference where it really counts by donating to local small charitable organizations, we do not limit ourselves to a specific cause. We are looking into the possibility of creating a launchpad for new charitable tokens in the future. However this is still far away and might be subject to change.

Contract | TG group |🌏 Website


Mononoke Token project is a meme token that will bring real benefits to this world.
The creator is a young girl with honest intentions who will post a community of crypto eco activists with a capitalization of 1 billion dollars.

Contract | TG group |🌏 Website |

AT Finance LaunchPad

AT Finance is an ecosystem created by 4 DAPPs, with more to added in the future. The 4 dapps are: Liquidity Aggregator, Farmins & Staking pools, IDO Launchpad for BSC tokens, NFT Marketplace.

Contract | TG group |🌏 Website

BlackBerry Token

BlackBerry token is the next-generation DeFi Platform in the Binance Smart Chain that based on fancy token of Blackberry fruit Culture industries.

Contract | TG group |🌏 Website

Strudel Token

We are a $1 million marketcap fully-trustless bridging protocol for BTC and BCH that was developed last year by Keno, now a Core Sushi dev. Our team (Nerd Finance) picked this project up in Late January and we have had tons of developments with no security issues. That being said, it’s time for us to get an official audit to satisfy current and future investors and grow.

Contract | TG group |🌏 Website


Great Ape is a brand new community token, stealth-launched on Binance Smart Chain on May 17 2021, from the original creator of RFI — one of the most forked devs in crypto.

The contract was written by the creator of the Reflect function, code which has been used thousands of times and by multi-billion dollar protocols such as SAFEMOON and FEG.

$GREATAPE is a fully decentralized protocol that contains highly optimized versions of several popular DeFi mechanisms, improving upon Safemoon’s code by fixing the security flaws and reducing gas costs by up to 70%.

Contract | TG group |🌏 Website | Twitter | Instagram | Tik-Tok | Medium

Alvin Finance

The greatest cultural mission for humankind — the Alvinfinance revolution!

So we have begun this important revolution to make sure Public support will happen for the Mars colonization. A new colony is susceptible to collapse and implosion if the people are not united so we created this project as the ultimate solution for a smooth and sustainable Mars colony.

KEY features:
🧪. Perpetual NFT cultural machine churns out high quality AlVIN+DOGE NFTs with real rarity!
🧪. Infinite Liquidity for a galaxy compatible liquidity pool
🧪. Low fees courtesy of celestial bound BSC
🧪. Experienced dev team
🧪. NFT auctions
🧪. NFT boost your APY in farm with a twist!

Contract | TG group |🌏 Website

About Solid Group

Solid Group is a blockchain consulting and auditing service provider, founded by 3 cybersecurity experts with a passion for thinking out of the box, learning, and sharing knowledge. Every project goes through a meticulous process and is viewed by at least two partners, thereby achieving a high level of credibility and professionalism. Our group is partnered with multiple organizations and launchpads that have a combined market cap of over 400 million USD.

📣 Telegram| 🗣Telegram discussion group |🐦 Twitter |🛡 Contact for audit



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We are a group 3 software developers with combined experience of over 15years in various fields such as Software design, Operating systems, and solidity.